Monday, 2 June 2014


Hi all,

There's a few updates to the blog and to our calendar to let you know about.  Firstly, as reminders, coming up this week is a social night (Wednesday 4th), Sarah Day (Saturday 7th @ Northcourt, Tocal), Gallery Girls (Friday 13th) and the next business meeting is Wednesday 18th June.

The main update I wanted to let you know about is our weekend with Di Ford in December. We are so lucky to have Di come and teach us and know we won't have any trouble filling the class, so we have been able to have 2 classes with Di. The first class will be Thursday and Friday 4th & 5th December and the second class will be the Saturday and Sunday 6th & 7th. We are also running another 4-day UFO during this long weekend.

We have put a few guidelines in place for this extra weekend.  The 2 classes will be the same and you can put your name down for either one - not both. You may choose to do UFO for any or all or the 4 days and you can also put your name down for that too!

Our Christmas dinner is Wednesday 3rd December. If you want to go rom the dinner straight to Tocal and stay Wednesday night, you can. Please include this option on the form when you complete it.

More details and photos soon! Feel free to post questions and I can answer them here!

Happy Quilting!

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